“90 Days Now For Your Parish” Initiative

Greetings from St. Paul’s in Harvard Square, good friends,

I hope and pray that you are well.  The kind of life we face in these days has brought a lot of changes.  You know that in your own life.  For us here, it’s been a beehive of activity — a different kind of activity, but full days and nights nonetheless.  I’m happy to report that we have been re-doubling our efforts at the parish and the Choir School and at the Harvard Catholic Center to be sure that we continue to serve all of you in ways familiar and new.

We’ve added creative ministries to make sure that we can keep in touch with you.  Religious Education and Choir School classes are ongoing virtually, our Food Pantry is up and running when others have had to suspend operations, and the priests and deacon are meeting the spiritual needs of many as best as we can.  And in a special way, our online and social media presence has grown in leaps and bounds.  (Be sure to see our websites for the parish, the Catholic Center and the Choir School, and our new YouTube channel.)

This is a hope-filled Catholic moment.  The Church has emerged as a leader in responding to the social, spiritual, and academic longings of so many.  We are rooted in the human person’s need for God and for others, and this crisis is bringing many to re-visit these truths to find purpose and meaning there.  And St. Paul’s is doing this beautifully!

There is, of course, a serious and pressing concern in the midst of this.  As we know well, the financial situation for individuals and institutions is distressing, and St. Paul’s, in all its facets, is no exception.  Several people have stepped up in a significant way, and to them we are grateful. But with no public Masses and offertory collections, we are struggling to pay our bills. Also, the Choir School has had to postpone its critical fundraising Gala, and the Harvard Catholic Center’s initiatives geared to Spring giving have been significantly impacted.  So, could I share with you a few ways that you can keep us strong so that we can continue to help those who rely on us?

The first is an emergency extra effort.  The plan was developed for the parishes of Boston by a faithful layman, who in fact has deep connections to St. Paul’s and to Harvard.

The initiative is called:  90 Days Now – For Your Parish.

The idea is for you to commit to giving a sacrificial gift of any amount to the parish every day, for 90 days.  It goes directly to the parish and will end after 90 days.  It is meant to get us over the hump.  Perhaps a gift of $1 a day or $5 or $10 or .25 cents. We’d love everyone to be part of this, including Harvard and Choir School students. It is easy to access and to sign up. You’ll be directed to BostonCatholic.org and be sure to choose St. Paul Parish (Cambridge)!

Again, the 90 Days Now – For Your Parish is an extra, extraordinary effort.  What is also most helpful and critical, especially in these days and those ahead, is for everyone to sign up for electronic giving, or at least, weekly envelopes.  The information for both is given below and can also be found on the parish website. And if you are moved to assist the Choir School and the Harvard Catholic Center, their websites can provide all the information you need.

We are pencils in the hand of God, and He is asking us to place ourselves into His hands so that we might continue to write the story of love in the hearts and lives of all those we encounter.

Thank you for your generosity in prayer and financial giving.  With God and with one another, all things will be well.

God bless you and your loved ones.

Fr. Kelly

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