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A Message from Fr. Kelly

Given at the 9:00 AM Mass on Saturday, March 14 Friends, Last night I was with a priest friend from another diocese who is in charge of making decisions for all the parishes there.  Throughout the evening he was speaking with his state’s governor, head of state police, bishops…you get the picture. Things were changing every five minutes. That’s how it feels for us.  I would offer two things that can help us right now:  prudence and hope.  Prudent measures, even sacrificial ones, are to protect the health and well-being of all our brothers and sisters.  And hope in the […]


2019 Annual Financial Report

This 2019 annual report on the financial condition of the St. Paul Community (“SPC”) presents a summary of operating, investment and fundraising results for the three entities that make up the SPC: St. Paul Parish (“SPP”), Harvard Catholic Student Center (“HCSC”) and the St. Paul Choir School (“SCPC”). Download the report here