The Boston Globe: “…Robinson draws them in with crisp direction, guiding them through the difficult parts, entreating them to sing more boldly, more clearly..”

Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s blog: “The school has been very successful and experienced tremendous growth. I want to express my gratitude to Father Michael Drea, the pastor at St. Paul’s, and of course Mr. Robinson for all the good work they are doing there.”

The Chant Cafe: “Anywhere in the Catholic world you go today, you can high hear praise for the wonderful things happening at the Choir School. The choice of Robinson was wise indeed. He turns out to have all the right skills to both build on the past and go forward to a bright future . An outstanding musician with a clear sense of mission (he was raised in the very type of system of choral education that he now heads), he is also a brilliantly diplomatic person whose quiet erudition and attention to musical excellence has inspired students, donors, and parents.”